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April 17th, 2013

At last! @ 11:02 pm

Yay! Marriage Equality Bill passes into law! What a great night to be a New Zealander.

*dances round room*


March 14th, 2013

At last! @ 02:19 pm

Just discovered that while my Chinese zodiac sign is the rabbit, in the Vietnamese zodiac this sign is a cat. A CAT! I AM A CAT! Considering I put no stock in the zodiac (of any kind) whatsoever, this makes me far happier than it should.

Now, if I were only MY cat. Then my life would have a SERIOUS upgrade.


November 20th, 2012

A True Story @ 08:37 pm

Yesterday an acquaintance discovered that I was going to Botswana for the second time next year, a trip which involves travelling via South Africa. "I spent a night in Johannesburg once," she confided, "but I didn't like it." Oh, why? "I thought it would be white people with just a few black people, but they were all black!".

Wow. WOW. I'm going to leave the racism just lying there, because what can I say that isn't completely obvious? Forging bravely on, I asked her why she would have thought that South Africa had a majority white population. "When you meet South Africans in New Zealand," she explained with unassailable logic, "all of them are white!".

Africa. Where the WHITE people live.


April 2nd, 2012

(no subject) @ 07:56 pm

I'm kind of grateful I saw Flight Of The Conchords (before they sold out, etc) when it was just me and ninety-nine other people in a titchy little room with bar service. I mean, I like them and all, but I don't think I have the fortitude to queue all night/sell my firstborn and then sit in the back row of the hideous Vector Arena. (Actually, I think I'd give the Second Coming the swerve if it was in the Vector Arena.)


January 5th, 2012

No, Iowa, No @ 05:51 pm

I wasn't as ecstatic as some people about Obama's election, not because I wasn't thrilled that the US could actually elect an African-American president, but because I thought no one human being could possibly live up to the amount of adulation that was being shovelled onto him. And so it proved, alas. But dear God, Obama's shortcomings pale into the tiniest of insignificance compared to the Republican candidates.

It seemed to me, as a non-American, that the Bush years were all about the Republicans - what they wanted, what they were trying to accomplish, what legislation they were pushing through. Fast forward to the Obama administration, and it's still all about the Republicans. I've heard a thousand time more during Obama's administration about the Right's outrage than I've ever heard about the Democrats. What does it take, in America, for the Left to get a turn?

Bush terrified me, but compared to most of the current Republican candidates he seems a model of restraint and sanity. And that's horrifying.

In New Zealand there's often a shortage of good IT people. At the government department my company contracts to, you hire the best qualified person for the job (who is usually not very qualified at all), then when they leave you hire the next best person you turned down the first time, then the next, then the next. There is nobody else. And that, it seems, it just what's happening in the Republican race. Mitt Romney slunk away, an ignominious failure, last time, beaten by McCain who himself was scarcely a noble figure. Now Romney's back again, and next best is now OK. In a country of three hundred million, this is the best the Right can do? I was grateful Romney didn't get the nod last time, and now I can't believe I'd rather he succeeded than some of the others. I hope to God the Iowa result was an anomaly, because if Santorum really is that popular, God help us all.


September 16th, 2011

Accomplished @ 01:58 am

Just finished my Pilates at 1.58 a.m. because it was on my to-do list. Which is not to say that I always must do everything on my to-do list. Hahahahaha! Rather, it is to say that I was desperate to get ONE thing on my to-do list done. And I did. Yay! The rest of my list, however, may feel at liberty to suck it.


May 24th, 2011

Welcome to the 19th Century @ 04:00 pm

Today I subscribed, for the first time in my life, to a newspaper printed on paper. With ink. Add that to my reversion to buying music on vinyl, and I soon expect to be purchasing my first whalebone corset.


February 25th, 2011

(no subject) @ 03:29 pm

David Cameron apparently texted John Key to send his condolences about the earthquake. Isn't that just lovely? I bet John felt really special. How do you think it went? Here's my guess:

O hai, sry re ur quk:(. U can has srchrs, K9s if u want. Kthxbai, UKPM.


(no subject) @ 03:24 pm

Christchurch people, assuming you don't have more urgent priorities, don't hold back from tweeting and blogging until your fingers bleed. Those of us outside the disaster zone want to know you're OK, that you continue to be OK, and if you're not OK whether there's anything we can do to help.


February 23rd, 2011

(no subject) @ 12:45 pm

Can't do anything today. How am I supposed to concentrate on anything at all when people are struggling with a major disaster in Christchurch? Watched TV till the news repeated itself, and now am pressing refresh on the newspaper and Twitter. I wish I could think of something helpful to do, other than the obvious donating and stuff. If you're in any doubt at all, Christchurch, the rest of New Zealand is so with you.